Kobayashi ensures the compliance of environmental health, safety and sustainability principles by being practical, non-burdensome, collaborative and proactive. Kobayashi's environmental health, safety and sustainability principles are included in our operating systems, have the ability to influence and motivate across regions and to motivate local leadership in Kobayashi's decentralized organization model.

These principles are designed to support the achievement of Kobayashi's business objectives and meet the needs of patients, customers, consumers, regulators and stakeholders today while protecting and sustaining the community, environment and natural resources so they are available for future generations.

What is Kobayashi doing to support the world brighter?

Middle in 2016, Kobayashi raised its sustainability efforts up to the Board of Director level by establishing a Health, Happy and Safety Subcommittee. Through this Subcommittee, Kobayashi donating a part of profit to African kids who are suffering with hunger.