About Vibex Pharmaceutical Ltd. バイベックス製薬株式会社


Who We Are

Vibex Pharmaceutical Ltd.(バイベックス製薬株式会社) is a multinational, specialty pharmaceutical company anchored by a collection of world-class exporting, who come to work each day with a common goal of improving people’s lives with Vibex Pharmaceutical health care products.

Vibex Pharmaceutical develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of branded, cosmetics and branded supplements, which are marketed directly or indirectly in more than 5 countries.

Along with its strong and durable businesses, Vibex Pharmaceutical is also focused on developing and introducing new products. Vibex Pharmaceutical believes innovation should be judged by the new products and innovation that a company brings to market. Vibex Pharmaceutical's R&D outputs make it a leader in the industry. 

Our Vision, Mission, Values

Vibex Pharmaceutical's Vision

To be your trusted health care partner

Vibex Pharmaceutical's Mission

Improving people’s lives with our health care products

Vibex Pharmaceutical's Values

Vibex Pharmaceutical’s mission is supported by five pillars – guiding principles that are foundational to our success and future growth. They provide overall direction for the company and the tools necessary to rise to any challenge.

· Quality Health Care OutcomesVibex Pharmaceutical is dedicated to delivering high-value, meaningful products and services that resonate with all of our partners: patients, prescribers and payors. Bringing value to our stakeholders while delivering safe and effective products is at the heart of everything we do.

· Customer Focused: From leadership down through our entire organization, we measure ourselves and our actions through the lens of our customers and patients. We look to build strong relationships with our customers and then deliver on quality products and service.

· Innovation: A continued emphasis on innovation remains an essential business strategy – searching out new ways to do things and continuously identifying opportunities to design, develop and advance creative, ethical solutions that are timely and effective.

· Efficiency: Our focus and execution enable Vibex Pharmaceutical to drive productivity throughout the organization, leaving no stone unturned in identifying where we can make improvements and deliver value. We address the challenges inherent with a changing market quickly and never compromise on quality.

· People: Our employees come to work each day focused on improving peoples’ lives through our healthcare products. They are essential to the success of the organization. We strive to build and retain a strong team by recognizing and rewarding excellence and creating development opportunities. High-performing individuals are critical as they provide a foundation for future success.

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・質の高い医療結果:バイベックス製薬は、私たちのすべてのパートナー(患者、処方者、支払人)と共鳴する価値の高い、意味のある製品およびサービスを提供することに専念しています。 安全で効果的な製品を提供しながら、ステークホルダーに価値をもたらすことが、私たちのすべての行動の核心です。

・顧客重視:リーダーシップから組織全体に至るまで、私たちの顧客と患者のレンズを通して私たち自身と私たちの行動を測定します。 私達は私達の顧客との強い関係を築き、それから質の高い製品とサービスをお届けすることを目指します。


・効率性:私たちの焦点と実行力により、バイベックス製薬は組織全体の生産性を向上させることができます。 変化する市場に内在する課題に迅速に対処し、品質に妥協することはありません。

・人々:私達の従業員は私達のヘルスケアプロダクトによって人々の生活を改善することに焦点を合わせて毎日働くようになります それらは組織の成功に不可欠です。 私達は卓越性を認め、報い、開発の機会を創り出すことによって強いチームを築き、維持するよう努めます。 業績の高い個人は将来の成功の基盤を提供するので重要です。